Brands are tapping into user-generated content for anything from fueling their own content to leading strategic planning and ideation. During the Visual Revolution Summit, Raman Kia (Managing Partner and Founder, RJK Project) led Adam Miller (Co-ordinating Producer from NBC’s Today Show), Vejay Lalla (Partner at D&G Law),  Dave Cook (Head of Global Online Marketing at Atlassian), and Ranvir Gurjal (Co-founder at Chute) on a discussion around the user-generated brand. Check out which each speaker had to say in their presentations below and in the full Q&A!

First, Adam Miller shared the ideology and successes of the digital-inspired and fan-powered Orange Room.

“It’s been a great way to really get in touch with our viewers, to find out the stories that matter most to them, the stories they want to hear,” he said about the segment’s first year before jumping into examples of how the Orange Room did exactly this.

Next, Vejay Lalla (Partner at D&G Law) gave his insights on the legal ins and outs of using user-generated content. For any brand using social media in any capacity, this talk is going to be important for you!

Finally, to wrap the conversation, Raman led the entire group in a deeper dive into their thoughts, fears, and approaches to both the good and bad of UGC – including questions for the Visual Revolution Summit audience.

You can learn more about VRS here.

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