At the 2013 Visual Revolution Summit, Jonathan Perelman (VP, BuzzFeed) and Raman Kia (VP, Integrated Strategy, Condé Nast) spoke with Balaji Gopinath (Turner Media) on the effect the visual revolution is having on the publishing industry. The way people interact with content and advertising has undergone a shift, and both Condé Nast and Buzzfeed are playing a large role in what the future of the publishing industry will look like because of this.

“Every piece of content we create… is all meant to be shared,” says Perelman. “We view distribution as the social web…Why will they share it? This is all stuff we think about as the new wave of media”

What does the inclusion of digital, social media mean for brands, readers, and publishers? Watch the video above, and then let us know your thoughts on Twitter or in the comments below!

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