Marketers know that visuals are important for effective marketing strategies. As Ranvir shared in the VRS Welcome address, the human brain retains only 20% of text and 80% of visuals, and it’s visual content that tends to do best on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook. During the 2014 Visual Revolution Summit, AdAge’s Alex Kantrowitz was joined by Thiago Guimaraes (Analyst) along with leaders from companies known for amazing visual storytelling: Sujean Lee (SVP, Corporate Affairs, Chobani), Alex Amado (Sr. Director of Creative & Media, Adobe), Piera Geraldi (Co-founder and Creative Director, Refinery29) to discuss the different strategies and tactics their organizations have implemented.

After introductions, the talks kicked off with a State of the Industry overview by Thiago Guimarães, author of Business Insider’s Social Media Demographics Report. “90% of B2C marketers are using content marketing,” Thiago began. “Of those 90%, 90% are using social media. Of those 90%, 75% are focusing on illustrations and photos, 72% on videos. Yes, text is still important…but not by too much and maybe not for that long.”

Next, Alex Amado wowed the audience with the creative and visually stunning work Adobe has co-created with their community – from digital murals to packaging (remember when software came in packages?).

“If people are passionate and engaged in your brand, they’re going to be eager to help you build it. That’s an opportunity from a marketing point of view,” Amado said.

Alex’s advice for creating a passionate community excited to co-create with a brand? Give them credit:  “Make sure that they get attribution. Make them proud to be associated with you and proud of whatever work they’ve put out there.”

Chobani has become such a household name that it’s difficult to believe the brand didn’t exist before 2007. During her presentation, Sujean Lee shared how the yogurt company differentiates itself by creating a clear brand message and continuing that message and storyline in every visual published.

Lastly, Piera Geraldi discussed the importance of having a “visual voice.” This means setting the standard for all your brand’s content and then meeting those standards no matter how seemingly small a piece of content is. For Refinery29, even a simple Instagram photo is considered a photo shoot, and this has influenced the high-quality content being published.

To wrap up the discussion, Alex Kantrowitz lead the group in a Q&A session to discuss ROI and finding a balance between visuals and text.

If you want more VRS videos be sure to check out the Visual Revolution section of the blog, and stay tuned as we add more!

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