One of the biggest shifts in marketing is the fact that today the most influential content about a brand often comes from everyday people with anywhere from a handful to millions of followers. From unboxing videos to #OOTD photos to power Pinners, these “unknowns” garner hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views on the content they produce and share.

During the Visual Revolution Summit, John Koller (VP, Platforms Marketing, Sony PlayStation), Joe Fernandez (Founder, Klout), and Stacy Greco (Sr. Executive Director, Brand Development, Teen Vogue) were lead in a discussion by AdWeek’s Michelle Castillo on influencer and engagement marketing.

Part 1: Joe Fernandez on Mass Marketing’s Final Frontier
Joe kicked off the discussion by presenting the challenges brands are facing – from the boom in platforms to attaining consumer trust. He also shared where these challenges will lead the industry and what he sees as the big tentpole focuses for brands.

Part 2: Stacy Greco on Building Community
At the beginning of her presentation, Stacy quoted Converse’s Creative Director: “Millennials shop with their hearts. Try to provide them with cool experiences.” It’s this idea that drives much of how Teen Vogue works with influencers and engages their community.

Stacy shared insights from past campaigns, like which platforms are best for commerce and which are best for sparking conversations.

One clear winner in her presentation was Instagram. As the #1 social network respondents say they couldn’t live without now, it leads in building brand awareness, generating engagement, and inspiring transaction. And Teen Vogue has truly mastered the platform – executing a variety of programs to engage both influencers and super fans. Check out tips on how to achieve a Teen Vogue-style 30-day Instagram challenge here!

Part 3: Q&A

Lastly, the group came together with PlayStation’s John Koller for a Q&A, where they discussed what makes a good influencer and how to turn online calls-to-action into real offline brand interactions and purchases.

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