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What does it take to create marketing that inspires and engages? Ask Expedia. The online travel brand has had major success with its Find Yours initiative, which puts real travelers and their amazing stories at the center. The series has amassed millions of views on Youtube and has encouraged travelers to share their own stories on social.

We interviewed Vic Walia, Senior Director of Brand Marketing at Expedia to get his insights on what inspired this practice.

“Expedia’s marketing strategy, ‘making travel personal’, is grounded in the belief that travel has the power to transform you and shape your views of the world,” Walia said. “So when we look for stories to share, we focus on personal stories where a traveler has been transformed due to the experiences s/he had along their journey.”

Expedia’s strength is in how it curates the stories they choose to highlight, a skill that stems from knowing how to spot a story that will resonate with audiences.

“We know that every individual is unique and every travel experience is unique, so we tend to focus on the ones that are highly relatable and filled with travel emotion,” he said.  “A story that makes for great film and storytelling is a key requirement.”

On the topic of the Visual Revolution, Vic thinks it’s “simply technology keeping up with consumer realities and expectations.”

“As a society we have always lived in a very visual world – from early carvings on cave walls and to the present,” he said. “From the moment we are born (and in some cases even earlier than birth) our experiences, joys and sorrows have been documented in a visual story telling format. New technologies allow us to cultivate and share these stories in mass – but the instinct to tell our stories through the visual arts have been ingrained within us forever. The visual revolution unleashes that potential.”

Want to learn more about Expedia’s video strategy? Vic will be presenting vital insights and tactics for today’s marketers during the Video Vidi Vici section at VRS. Request your invite today!

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