“It’s all about authenticity and feeling organic, that’s what consumers want. They want to feel like they’re part of the experience – not set aside and just preached to or offered a concept they have no investment in.” — Summer Krecke (Director of Content Strategy, DBA)

Fashion marketing is something we’re used to seeing in the pages of magazines, but fashion brands have jumped on social and visual media to bring runway shows, product catalogs and more to a hyper-engaged audience. Learn from Erin Riley (VP, Brand Communications, Cole Haan) and Summer Krecke (Director of Content Strategy, DBA) on how their consumer engagement and communication has evolved in the last year and what’s next for the future of fashion and social media.

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Monica is a book hoarder and gets overexcited about community-driven marketing. She lives in New York City and dreams of a day when a landlord will let her have a cat.

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