Tom Troja (CEO, Social Symphony) and Michelle Lapierre (Sr. Dir. of Customer Experience, Marriott Rewards) provide a deeper perspective about Marriott Rewards and speak about how companies can empower their customers and communicate their brand’s message/values through relevant interactions and engagement.


Above is a photo of Chute’s Co-Founder Greg Narain introducing the Marriott case study. (Credit: Maria Ogneva)

What are people saying?:

Sheila Collins ‏@SheilaDCollins

Words (reach) + Photos (engagement) = Art of Words #marriottrewards #VisualRevolution

CanCan ‏@MomMostTraveled

RT @Abuckalew: “Marriott will help you with your path in life.” Using their ‘product’ to improve their users’ lives. #VisualRevolution

Visual Revolution ‏@VisualRevSummit

#VisualRevolution is about harnessing & sharing the love & meaningful memories from fans @MarriottRewards session

Ravi Mongia ‏@RaviMongia

“Words give you reach. Photos give you engagement. You need that balance.” – Marriott Case Study from #VisualRevolution

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