At SXSW, we discussed the future of advertising, hosted the first Visual Revolution Salon, made some amazing new friends, caught up with old ones, interviewed and got interviewed, learned about the future of media and tech, and took a whole lot of selfies. Check out our wrap-up below, and watch this space for more videos and SXSW content this week.

Disrupting the Scene SXSW Panel Chute co-founder and CEO Ranvir Gujral joined David Krupp (CEO, Kinetic) and Tim Nubb (Senior Editor, AdWeek) in a discussion lead by Ashley Giombetti (Media Director, Ad Council) on the future of place-based advertising. Highlight video coming soon.


Visual Revolution CMO Salon Our first #VisualRevolution Salon packed the Samsung Blogger Lounge to capacity and featured a great discussion with David Berkowitz (CMO, MRY), Matthew Anderson (CMO Roku), and Matt Eby (VP of Marketing, The Weather Channel) on content and real-time marketing. Video coming soon.

vrs cmo

The Trigger Lester Lee (VP, Customer Development) was interviewed by IPG Media Lab’s The Trigger series on the future of the visual web. Check out what he has to say about the #VisualRevolution and the Chute platform:


Spread the #SelfieMade word with mascots, our friends, and random people on 6th Street.



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February 26, 2014 Add Comment Jay Park

There were quite a few marketing trends and hot buzzwords of 2013, but perhaps none of them are quite as important as “real-time.” Having already been dubbed as the “Year of Social,” one of the big adaptations that marketers had to make in 2013 especially was how to respond to consumers in the moment. Post-Oreo, brands felt the pressure to become more responsive and stay on top of their social game.

“Brands are no longer in that campaign mentality,” Jonah Bloom remarks, “because they are in a dialogue with consumers and that dialogue is ongoing.”

Follow social moguls Ian Schafer (CEO, Deep Focus) and Scot Safon (CMO, Weather Channel) facilitated by Jonah Bloom (Chief Strategy Officer, KBS+) as they discuss how to better tackle real-time opportunities without being perceived as cheesy or inauthentic.

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VIDEO: Master Mind & Consumer Logic

Featuring Liz Gray (Managing Partner, Trendera), Kim Snow (Creative Director, Agency Development, Google), and Mike Edelhart (The Tomorrow Project)

January 17, 2014 Add Comment admin

Industry veterans understand that in order to be successful with advertising, you first need to understand your consumer. Liz Gray (Managing Partner, Trendera) and Kim Snow (Creative Director, Agency Development, Google) talk marketing psychology in their VRS Panel while analyzing successful trends and how consumers continue to play a bigger role in marketing.

“Let’s think about the internet for a second,” Kim Snow says. “Think about all the amazing things we could do on the web… and yet every single day we’re looking at pictures of cats and our breakfasts. Are we dumb? We’re not. So the insight we found is called the Fascinating Familiar–we’re trying to find meaning in our everyday life.”

What does the Fascinating Familiar mean for brands and the future of marketing? Watch the video above, and then let us know on Twitter or in the comments what you think!

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December 12, 2013 Add Comment admin

This December, we decided to shake up New York City in a way only the Chute team knows how. At the inaugural Visual Revolution Summit, we brought together some of the brightest minds in marketing and publishing to discuss the onslaught of visual media and the transformation of a passive audience to an active one — one that’s remixing and interacting.

The day was filled with thought leadership around the current trend and future potential of visual storytelling. We learned from Cheezburger CEO Ben Huh that building a brand in the social space takes 50% humor and 50% happiness, and during the MasterMind panel we saw that photos attract 104% more comments than the average post. Say Media CEO Matt Sanchez explained 50% of next year’s online traffic will be mobile. The issue? Those mobile pages are currently only worth 20% of desktop pages when it comes to ads. We’d love to hear what you learned from the event on Twitter, so feel free to Tweet us with #VisualRevolution!

To everyone who helped make the event possible: Thank you! We had an amazing group of speakers, moderators, supporters and team who worked around the clock to ensure the quality of the Summit.

And finally, as you’re planning for 2014, Chute can help you implement some of the ideas from the Visual Revolution Summit.


Ranvir Gujral and Gregarious Narain

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November 13, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

Today, we hosted the first of our two pre-Visual Revolution Summit tweet chats. The topic? How are brands and publishers effectively harnessing visual content in a world filled with trillions of photos? Check out the questions and responses from some of our speakers and attendees: Anthony Quintano, Dorrine Mendoza, David Berkowitz, Marcus Spiering, Gregarious Narain, and Ranvir Gujral.

Check out our wrap-up of today’s questions and some of the responses below! We hope to see you at the next one on 12/3 at 11am PST.

Question 1:


Question 2:


Question 3:


Question 4:


Question 5:



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October 24, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

Entertainment brands have some of the most engaged and enthusiastic fans, yet there are plenty of networks and shows that continue to solely post screencaps or repurposed images. Then, there are entertainment who push the idea of what Instagram is and what it can be used for. These brands are treating Instagram as a true publishing platform with original content and fan-engaging call-to-actions. Below, we’ve got four of our favorite entertainment Instagram accounts:

1. MTV

MTV’s Instagram is it’s own mini-network with daily music news, a skit featuring the office fern and coffee pot, and plenty of celebrity cameos. The network’s social team uses the platform to its fullest, especially the video feature.

2. SNL

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the process behind writing and performing the weekly improv show. The writers, performers, crew, and celebrity guests are all featured.

3. The Grammy’s

The biggest music awards show of the year uses their Instagram for interviews, musical history, and to give a glimpse into the pre-event production. One recent video features Ariana Grande talking about comparisons between her and Mariah Carrey and another shows the ballot stuffing process.

Live events and award shows shouldn’t just focus solely on the event in their content. The Grammy’s is a music awards show that commemorate the best talent and rising stars in the industry, so their Instagram continues this tradition year-long.

4. Game of Thrones

Dolls with adorably big heads acting out scenes from Game of Thrones? We’re sold. And that’s precisely what the Game of Thrones Instagram is filled with, along with some shots of cast and crew-members interacting with the dolls. You can’t always get stars or talent to pose for or take photos for Instagram, but that doesn’t mean your feed needs to be bare or boring. Get creative!

Those are our top four. Who would make your list? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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October 17, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

One-day event focused on the future of marketing and publishing with visual media

San Francisco, Calif. – Oct. 17, 2013Chute, the first complete visual marketing platform, today announced the inaugural Visual Revolution Summit on Thursday, December 5th, in New York City. This will be an unprecedented gathering of 300 influential leaders from the world of publishers, agencies and brands – all of whom have a vested interest in the future of photo-driven storytelling. This one-day, invite-only event, will focus on digital storytelling, visual branding, consumer generated marketing, sponsored content and conversational media.

“People share more than 700 million photos every day – many of these photos are about brands, trends and events. A visual conversation is taking place and brands and publishers must be part of it,” said Ranvir Gujral, co-founder and CEO, Chute and visionary for the Visual Revolution Summit. “The Visual Revolution Summit creates a unique opportunity for brands, publishers and agencies to discuss, network and actively participate in establishing best practices for engaging and communicating with consumers using visual media now and in the future.”

Visual Revolution Summit
Who: 300 senior level executives in the brand, agency and publishing industries. Request an invitation here.
What: One-day, invite-only summit, comprising of presentations, 1:1 interviews, fireside chats and case studies exploring the future of advertising, marketing and publishing with the industry’s most influential vanguard. More details about the topics being addressed at the Visual Revolution Summit can be found here.
When: Thursday, Dec. 5, 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m., followed by a networking happy hour concluding at 7 p.m.
Where: Altman Building, 135 W. 18th St., New York  

The Visual Revolution Summit is a jam-packed day of dynamic discussions and thought leadership. Attendees will walk away with immediate ideas to explore and implement.

Speakers include:

Ben Huh, CEO, Cheezburger Kira Pollack, Director of Photography, TIME Magazine
Jay Samit, President, ooVoo Ranvir Gujral, Co-founder and CEO, Chute
Matt Sanchez, Co-founder and CEO, Say Media Steve Rubel, Chief Content Strategist, Edelman
Jonathan Perelman, VP of Agency Relations, BuzzFeed Barbara Griffin, Former executive, Turner Broadcasting System
Anna Dickson, Photography Director, AOL/HuffPo Gregarious Narain, Co-founder and CTO, Chute
Scot Safon, CMO, The Weather Channel Markus Spiering, Head of Product, Flickr
Raman Kia, Executive Director, Integrated Strategy, Condé Nast David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY
Balaji Gopinath, VP of Emerging Technology, Turner Broadcasting System Andy Barkett, CTO, Republican National Committee
Ian Schafer, CEO, Deep Focus Matt Ipcar, SVP Strategy and Design, Blue State Digital
Tobias Peggs, CEO, Aviary Vejay Lalla, Partner, Davis & Gilbert LLP
Dorrine Mendoza, Social Media Producer, CNN Digital Marc Wendell, Product Manager, PicScout

For a list of speakers and bios, click here.

The Visual Revolution Summit is presented by Chute and sponsored by Turner Broadcasting System, Inc., PicScout and Davis & Gilbert LLP. For more information about the Visual Revolution Summit visit

# # #

About Chute:

Chute is the most comprehensive visual brand engagement platform on the market today, powering everything from billboards to banner ads to native mobile apps to live events. The future of brand marketing is visual, and our tools to manage measure and drive engagement are essential for brand marketers. Chute works with the world’s biggest agencies, publishers, brands including NBC, Turner, Condé Nast, NBA, Benefit, Ogilvy, the New York Times and LiveNation. For more information, visit

Media Contact:
Jody Farrar

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This week’s Front Lines of the #VisualRevolution features a new app update, a social platform’s attempt at monetization, and a hilarious coffee shop prank, so let’s jump right in.

1. Flickr’s 1TB storage comes to mobile

Flickr's new Auto Upload feature

Flickr’s latest app update comes with an auto-upload feature to let mobile users really take advantage of that free terabyte of storage. With most of the photos we take today coming from our phones, this was a much-needed update.

2. Pinterest rolls out promoted pins

Today, Pinterest will begin to roll out promoted Pins they announced last month. First Tumblr, now Pinterest, and soon Instagram are all seeking monetization through promoted content. The questions for all three very visual platforms is if they can do so in a way that not only appeases their carefully crafted communities. And will brands be able to create content for each platform that actually engage the three audiences?

3. Telekinetic Prank Goes Viral

Since being uploaded just two days ago, this hilarious coffee shop prank has reached almost 18 Million views. The prank is actually an example of fantastic content marketing for the upcoming Carrie remake. It’s an immensely clever use of the film’s telekinetic main character to create online buzz before the movies launch – bringing Carrie into the real world and making you wonder what you would do in that situation.

What’s your favorite #VisualRevolution moment from this week? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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September 27, 2013 Add Comment Gregarious Narain

We are a culture built on storytelling – it is essential to the human experience. The way we tell stories is changing faster than ever. Our storytelling doesn’t just exist in books, newspapers, or letters. Today, most of it happens on social platforms like Facebook and Tumblr.

Last week, Facebook released a white paper for its project focused on creating global Internet access. In it were some fascinating stats on the growth of photo sharing. To date, 250 billion photos have been uploaded to the site. Broken down, that’s 350 million photos a day. In fact, it’s estimated that in just 2011, we produced 11% of all the photos ever taken!

We are a culture built on storytelling, yes, but today it is visual.


Storytelling itself has always been a shared experience. It’s why we have a never-ending list of Cinderella retellings and why so often history differs depending on what part of the world you’re in. As a proxy for our collective culture, it was inevitable that Facebook would launch shared photo albums – giving us all the ability to share our stories as a collective. The future of storytelling lies in shared visual experiences.

My first glimpse into this shift was my wedding in 2010 when I tried wrangling all the photos from guests. I wanted the full narrative of my wedding, to see the event through the eyes of my 40 friends and family members. That simple desire of wanting to craft a larger narrative is one that everyone from newlyweds to brands are facing.

Brands are living stories with the same opportunity as Facebook to unlock the potential of shared visual storytelling with their fans. On Instagram alone, there are over 17 million photos for #Nike. That’s 17 million stories. Whether people are documenting a protest in Washington, the completion of their first marathon in a pair of Nikes, or even a wedding, those stories are made all the more impactful and lasting when told visually and with multiple voices. It is the brand’s responsibility to become a part of the visual conversation their fans are having.

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August 1, 2013 Add Comment Jay Park

Last week, acclaimed fashion designer Oscar de la Renta made a bold choice in the fashion world.

And we’re not talking about loud prints or clashing colors.

For the first time in fashion history, an exclusive look at a Fall 2013 collection made its first appearance not on high-fashion publications like Vogue or Elle but on Instagram.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 9.36.32 AM

Thanks to Senior Vice President of Global Communications Erika Bearman (or @OscarPRGirl on Instagram), seven images were released on the company’s Instagram page and immediately went viral. Garnering over 1,000 likes per image in the first hour, the innovative marketing was a success.

Now there are many reasons why Oscar de la Renta would make this move. For one, it’s free. There are no costs in running such an ad on Instagram like it would in the September issue of Vogue, and the fashion mogul can even create extensive buzz and gain free publicity. Months away from typical fall campaign launches, de la Renta already has people talking; since last Wednesday, people continue to retweet, repost, and regram the photos.

“Only a few years ago, campaigns would debut in magazines, but that has shifted as brands have developed their own platforms and credibility as media sources,” Bearman told Mashable.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 10.51.22 AM

Needless to say, social media has changed the fashion front. Just a couple years ago, fashion brands were largely nonexistent across social platforms. Now, they run extensive hashtag campaigns and even release exclusive looks on Instagram. Every fashion event comes with its own hashtag now (#NYFW); Vanity Fair opens up their annual Best Dressed List with the International Best Dressed Challenge.

The Visual Revolution is the driving force behind fashion’s adoption of social media. The fashion world is a fully visual one, and cultural shift towards visual over text in our every day communication has opened new doors for designers to connect on an even more personal level with consumers.

Which fashion brand do you think does a great job at leveraging the power of Instagram? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below.

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