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At the Visual Revolution CMO Salon at SXSW, marketing experts David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY; Matthew Anderson, CMO, Roku and Matt Eby, VP of Marketing, The Weather Channel, discussed, debated and potentially worked out a business deal while on stage.

Chute CEO Ranvir Gujral moderated the panel, which focused on the evolution of brands as newsrooms and how they’re creating more content in a few weeks then they historically created in a year. How does this impact quality, control, hiring and more?


Real-time Marketing: According to David, every agency has to field questions about its ability to do real-time marketing. But as far as MRY is concerned, real-time marketing is already too late. It is a passive approach to see what’s trending and then attempt to quickly respond with something witty and relevant versus using predictive marketing to create content people will be interested in before a trend emerges.

Television: Matthew has spent many years in the television and video industry both at Roku and at News Corp (now 21st Century Fox). He explained how launching a television station, even just a few years ago, would cost millions and would require considerable content, access to a network and more. Now, brands have a choice of platforms on which to produce and distribute videos. They are no longer constrained to ad space on someone else’s network – they can create their own network.

Digital Video: While The Weather Channel is a television network, they also have an incredibly video-rich website and social properties. Matt shared The Weather Channel’s adoption of online video, starting with 0 original videos created per day in 2012 to 30 original videos created per day in 2014, with total video views growing from 17M to more than 110M in just three years. And it’s not about creating more content, but rather, telling great stories people want to watch and share.

Make it Authentic, Make it Personal

Ranvir asked each panelist how companies can create content people actually care about. It was unanimous – make it personal and capture real customers, real fans, real people to highlight and tell your brand’s story. “When we tell stories about the weather, no one cares. But when we infuse the story with how it impacts others – people love it,” said Matt Eby.

For Roku, a powerful testimonial from one of its youngest fans proved to be more viral and engaging than professionally produced content. A little girl was prepping for her first camping trip by making a list of the must-have items to pack.

1. Tent
2. Flashlight
3. Roku

Why pack a sleeping bag, food, clothes or water if you have your Roku? This adorable, authentic testimonial is marketing gold. Chances are your customers are sharing similar stories about your brand, and according to Matthew, all you have to do is listen for them.

Marketing Hasn’t Changed That Much

Adobe conducted a study in December 2013, which showed 76% of marketers believe marketing has changed more in the past two years then in the previous 50. Each panelist addressed what has changed, but more surprising, what hasn’t.

All of the panelists agreed marketing fundamentals haven’t changed much – it’s the platforms and distribution channels that are shaking up the industry. David made an excellent point for any brand marketer, “It’s easy to lose track of the basics. And knowing what your goals are and figuring out what you’re going to do that is actually relevant and meaningful to your business – that is what is never changing.”

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SXSW: the only place where you can take a selfie with Grumpy Cat and Machete in one day. Austin is weird, and it gets even weirder when thousands of tech innovators, film stars, internet memes, and suits descend.

The photos attendees took this year definitely didn’t break that weird mold. In total, there were 105,044 #SXSW photos during SXSWi, and some of the most popular secondary hashtags people included may surprise you. Check out the infographic below listing out attendees’ favorites.


Were you at SXSW? Whether you were there or not, what do you think the some of the other popular hashtags were? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

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The #VisualRevolution at SXSWi

We had a blast with SXSW this year! From the Ogilvy and Chute #DOAustin contest to watching hundreds of thousands of photos pour into our #SXSW Chute, we definitely noticed the presence of the visual revolution at the Interactive and Music festivals.

Our infographic below focuses on the Interactive portion and pits Twitter and Instagram against each other. Who’s the visual champion? Find out below!

sxsw interactive infographic

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