Visuals draw attention and get across a message or story better than text, and on a social platform like Twitter where content is constant and mostly text-based, being visual is a key way to make sure you stand out. Check out the infographic below to get the stats behind the power of photos and videos on Twitter and the current top 5 tweets featuring photos.

Join the conversation on Twitter with #VisualRevolution, and learn more about how Chute helps brands and publishers leverage Twitter content here.


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Paris Fashion Week revealed their top looks from some of the most acclaimed designers of our era. Photos from runway shows, street fashion, and celebrity sightings poured out of the City of Lights this past week. Surprisingly, however, many of the most buzzed designers remained silent–despite the attempt most everyone made to have a visual conversation around these shows.

Below, we have the three designers with the most “visual buzz” from Fashion Week attendees and onlookers; but all three remained fairly unengaged. While New York Fashion Week fully embraced technology and social engagement, Paris shunned it in almost every way. These brands missed the opportunity to be a part of this future merging of tech and fashion, and they missed out on an opportunity to have a deeper and more engaging interaction with their fans.


Check out our New York Fashion Week wrap up here, and let us know your thoughts about visual storytelling at 2013′s S/S fashion weeks on Twitter or in the comments below!

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September 16, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

For Fashion Week designers, making a splash online has become just as important as making a splash in New York. Check out our infographic below on how the who’s who of New York Fashion Week utilized social platforms, devices, and live engagement.

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SXSW 2013 #VisualRevolution Wrap Up

Want to know who was most successful at breaking through the noise at SXSW? Who threw the hottest parties? Which musical artist generated the most visual hype? And which online publication got the most attention? Find out in our final #VisualRevolution at SXSW infographic, and check out part 1 for the Interactive rundown.

sxsw music infographic

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The #VisualRevolution at SXSWi

We had a blast with SXSW this year! From the Ogilvy and Chute #DOAustin contest to watching hundreds of thousands of photos pour into our #SXSW Chute, we definitely noticed the presence of the visual revolution at the Interactive and Music festivals.

Our infographic below focuses on the Interactive portion and pits Twitter and Instagram against each other. Who’s the visual champion? Find out below!

sxsw interactive infographic

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The Visual Revolution [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 22, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

When it comes to social media, everything is coming up visual. From Twitter’s Vine app to the massive success of Pinterest and Instagram, text is now optional when it comes to storytelling and engagement. Here at Chute, we work with brands and publishers to provide solutions for leveraging the power of visual media. Check out the infographic below to learn more about the revolution, and join the conversation by tagging your tweets and social photos with #VisualRevolution.


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