SXSW: the only place where you can take a selfie with Grumpy Cat and Machete in one day. Austin is weird, and it gets even weirder when thousands of tech innovators, film stars, internet memes, and suits descend.

The photos attendees took this year definitely didn’t break that weird mold. In total, there were 105,044 #SXSW photos during SXSWi, and some of the most popular secondary hashtags people included may surprise you. Check out the infographic below listing out attendees’ favorites.


Were you at SXSW? Whether you were there or not, what do you think the some of the other popular hashtags were? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments!

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SXSW 2013 #VisualRevolution Wrap Up

Want to know who was most successful at breaking through the noise at SXSW? Who threw the hottest parties? Which musical artist generated the most visual hype? And which online publication got the most attention? Find out in our final #VisualRevolution at SXSW infographic, and check out part 1 for the Interactive rundown.

sxsw music infographic

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Covering SXSW in Real-Time

Who needs teleportation when you can follow along with the latest from an event through photos, videos, and text being shared in real-time?

With Lester, Greg, and Ranvir all away at SXSW, everyone at Chute HQ has been able to stay abreast through Ogilvy and Chute’s #DoAustin campaign along with our own general #SXSW Chute. Now anyone can get access to the most exclusive parties, dinners, concerts, and the latest in tech thanks to the abundance of visual user-generated content.

But how does this fact help planners and marketers for conferences, concerts, and other live events? As Ranvir discussed, extending the social channel during live evenets substantially widens your audience and revenue potential. You can learn more about that along with tips over at MediaPost.

We’re also creating themed SXSW galleries. Want to know what Grumpy Cat is up to? What the coolest rides at SXSW are? Which concert had the best crowd? We’ve got you covered. Get links to the latest curated galleries on our Twitter, and check out our Grumpy Cat gallery below.

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