VIDEO: Master Mind & Consumer Logic

Featuring Liz Gray (Managing Partner, Trendera), Kim Snow (Creative Director, Agency Development, Google), and Mike Edelhart (The Tomorrow Project)

January 17, 2014 Add Comment admin

Industry veterans understand that in order to be successful with advertising, you first need to understand your consumer. Liz Gray (Managing Partner, Trendera) and Kim Snow (Creative Director, Agency Development, Google) talk marketing psychology in their VRS Panel while analyzing successful trends and how consumers continue to play a bigger role in marketing.

“Let’s think about the internet for a second,” Kim Snow says. “Think about all the amazing things we could do on the web… and yet every single day we’re looking at pictures of cats and our breakfasts. Are we dumb? We’re not. So the insight we found is called the Fascinating Familiar–we’re trying to find meaning in our everyday life.”

What does the Fascinating Familiar mean for brands and the future of marketing? Watch the video above, and then let us know on Twitter or in the comments what you think!

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Another year, another Google I/O. This year, the Internet giant really showed the world just how powerful it is – we’re still wrapping our heads around the technology and data Google now has at its disposal. One piece of tech that we are particularly excited about is their powerful new photo platform in Google+, which makes the editorial and artistic choices automatic. You can view the ad for the new photo tools below.

As the event comes to a close, we thought we’d feature some of our favorite photos shared by attendees – from Keynote presentations to crowd-rafting. You can also still check out all the photos here.

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Voices in the crowd

Even at the largest PhotoWalk in history, individual voices stood out

On Tuesday, May 14 hundreds of professional and amateur photographers gathered in San Francisco for the Google+ San Francisco PhotoWalk, which is up for the world record of largest photowalk ever.

To be on the walk itself was surreal. The mishmash of phone photographers, DSLR photographers, and even Google Glass photographers all taking pictures of the same person, building, or sky from various angles was odd. My initial reaction was to laugh – what’s the point of hundreds of people taking a photo of the same thing? Wont all the photos be repetitive and voiceless? I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Looking through the photos on the event page and the SlideChute collector shows that even though we were all taking photos of the same things, our own perspectives and vision came shining though. As Gregarious said in The Time Lapse, “What makes a photograph so unique are not its technical merits — to be honest there may be none of that whatsoever – but the circumstance and point of view it preserves.”

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Google+ launches in-app photo editor

Google has recently rolled out an update to it’s Google+ app that features a powerful in-app photo editing tool thanks to its acquisition of Nik Software back in September.

google+ photo editer

The new photo editor features basic editing components like rotating and cropping, but the real magic lies in the filters. Preloaded Instagram-style filters line the bottom of the screen, but once a filter is selected the user has a whole new range of customization options. Sweeping up and down lets you select options like the style strength, brightness, saturation, contrast, texture coverage, and others depending on the filter. The most surprising part is how simple it is. With so many options, one would think the photo editing system would be clunky and complicated. But instead it is really quite simple.

Instagram popularized the idea of having a pocket dark room, and now tools like Google’s photo editor are making the concept a standard in any form of photo sharing.

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