Chute, the leaders in user-generated content discovery and rights are teaming up with Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for social media management, to announce a partnership that will enable marketers to access and share the user-generated content they gather through Chute within Hootsuite. Chute also becomes the first user-generated content provider in Hootsuite’s ISV Partner Program, which enables Hootsuite customers to seamlessly purchase best of breed solutions as part of their social media management suite.

“With millions of consumer photos being shared on social platforms, there is a massive opportunity for marketers to use this content to both decrease the amount of resources needed for content creation while also getting content that actually performs better,” Jeff Morris, Chief Marketing Officer for Visit West Hollywood, said. “User-generated content is more engaging and gives us a direct dialogue with those most likely to visit West Hollywood, so we value that we can now easily access the authentic content we collect in Chute when sharing from Hootsuite too.”

Current Chute users will be able to save their favorite rights-cleared photos and videos to folders that are also tied to their Hootsuite account. Once in Hootsuite, social teams will be able to search for the perfect image to meet their needs. The image also comes with data tied to it, so social media marketers can tag or credit the original creators or see the original description to assist in copy creation or identifying what’s being shown.

“Visual content is important to a strong social strategy. Constantly creating or purchasing new and compelling photos or videos can become a strain on resources for brands – both time-wise and financially. Our integration with Chute enables marketers to easily share better-performing content directly from the Hootsuite platform,” said Joe Gruca, vice president of global partners at Hootsuite.

According to a study published by Chute, millennial consumers overwhelmingly prefer user-generated content over stock or professional imagery. When participants were given a blind selection of images and asked to choose the top ones for inspiring them to travel or shop, the majority chose UGC (for travel: 74%, electronics: 83% and fashion: 85%).

“Because user-generated content is content created by real social media users, it is innately more authentic and engaging for consumers,” Ranvir Gujral, Chute CEO, said. “We’re excited to allow our customers the ability to scale their use of UGC even further through this partnership with Hootsuite.”

The integration is now available to all joint Hootsuite and Chute customers.

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