Influencer marketing has skyrocketed over the past 5 years. Brands are increasingly turning to digital creators to expand the reach, engagement and impact of their marketing efforts. Of the marketers who still haven’t tapped into influencers yet, the top reason (42%) is that they purely don’t know how to find and work with the right creators. Meanwhile, more than 80% of the marketers who work with influencers struggle to prove ROI. During this webinar, Chute’s VP of Marketing Jody Farrar was joined by founder Matthew Myers to insights learned from working with influencers and from a new study around influencers’ wants and needs from brands.

In the recording, you’ll learn:

  • Influencers’ most important factors when deciding to work with a brand
  • Basics of developing an influencer brief to generate impactful content
  • Case studies of real executions and key learnings from each

About The Author

Monica is a book hoarder and gets overexcited about community-driven marketing. She lives in New York City and dreams of a day when a landlord will let her have a cat.