Brands and publishers can learn a lot from Instagram’s approach to user-generated content. Large-scale social campaigns are fantastic, but between those campaigns marketers should continue to encourage engagement in simple and dependable ways.

Every weekend, Instagram gives its users a themed photo project. This week, the challenge was to snap photos featuring umbrellas with the #WHPUmbrella tag.


Instagram followers know that every Friday they can head to the company’s blog or Instagram account to be a given a new challenge. The weekend project becomes a part of their routine and develops a more intimate relationship and familiarity between the company and its users – increasing the likelihood that they’ll participate in future larger campaigns and stay active in the Instagram community.

But once you have all of these photos being shared with your tag, you have to figure out ways to display the content. Retweeting a few or just liking a user’s photo doesn’t cut it, and leaves out a lot of your audience. That’s where Chute comes in. One of the great components of Chute is how quick and easy it is to track a tag or have users upload photos; setting up a basic Chute like the one we set up below to track #WHPUmbrellas takes only minutes.

[slidechute id=”6136″ hide_from_index = “false”]

These types of smaller campaigns are not going to serve as a replacement for more ambitious ones like the high-profile Vanity Fair Best-Dressed Challenge, but they are a great way to stay connected to online users between larger campaigns.

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