This week, Digiday Senior Editor David Amrani and Chute CEO and Co-founder Ranvir Gujral gave an in-depth look at the latest research around visual marketing. What are the biggest mistakes marketing teams are making? What hurdles prevent them from fully succeeding at their visual strategies? And, finally, what tactics need to be implemented to achieve success? Watch the full discussion below to find out!

Click here to learn more about visual marketing and the results of the study!

About David
David is a new media scholar and writer who authors pieces for Digiday Content Studio and He uses his training in a variety of quantitative and qualitative research methods to uncover answers to sometimes highly complex questions and translate them into clear insights for any audience. David has a M.A. in Communication from Fairfield University.

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Monica is a book hoarder and gets overexcited about community-driven marketing. She lives in New York City and dreams of a day when a landlord will let her have a cat.

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