Vine, a new app from Twitter that allows users to create gif-like 6-second video clips that are embeddable in Tweets, was released Thursday. But what does this app mean for the visual revolution?

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Vine isn’t a new concept by any means. There are multiple apps that have been touted as the video answer to Instagram – SocialCam, Viddy, and Vyclone spring to mind. However, Twitter’s already large community provides a better opportunity for the app to take off. And it has. Vine was the top trending item and tweets with users’ #firstposts flooded dashboards, Chute HQ even got in on the fun.

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Twitter missed the bus with images. The company has an in-app photo tool and provides filters, but it didn’t achieve the same widely-used status as Instagram. However, they knew that visual media was a growing trend they couldn’t ignore. Storytelling is moving even more from a text-based format to image based. Why write 140 characters trying to describe something when you can take a photo or video of it? With the re-emergence of gifs in 2012 and consumer interest in online video, they jumped in on the upcoming trend.

Engaging users in a visual format isn’t an option for marketers and brands anymore. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all recognize the importance of the visual revolution. With customers making the switch from text to visuals, brands need to do the same, and Chute can help.

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