Would you want every moment of your life documented? That’s what Memoto is banking on. The wearable camera automatically snaps photos every 30 seconds, and then connects to your computer to assemble a visual narrative of your life.

The company’s Kickstarter met its fundraising goal after just a few hours of being launched, so maybe the idea of lifelogging isn’t so farfetched. After all, the product would be a powerful one for travelers or event attendees who could rely on the device to document the experience.

Today, the company shared some example photos from a Memoto prototype, and the quality seems to be pretty awesome already.

img_130303_123228_grande img_130303_123704_grande img_130307_111318_grande

What would something like Memoto gaining mainstream adoption mean for photography and visual storytelling? Already, we have more photos being captured and shared than ever before. With Memoto, the amount of content being created will grow at an exponential rate.

The power of this kind of visual content could definitely be leveraged by publishers and brands. News organizations like NBC are already using user-generated content to help develop stories, and Memoto would significantly increase the amount of content being created during any event. Travel companies and destinations could use the device to create narratively rich ad campaigns. Even fashion publishers could use the device to capture a full day’s worth of street style.

What are your thoughts on Memoto? Will you be a lifeblogger?

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