Influencer marketing has skyrocketed to become one of the biggest marketing trends of 2016. Today, 64% of millennials are promoting brands at least once a month on their social accounts, and according to Yahoo a massive 1/3 of this generation are actively building their influence or already monetizing their personal brands. And these homegrown internet celebrities are powerful – leading to an average $6.50 return for ever $1 spent.

From social media to even traditional media, we’ve seen marketers partnering with influencers to drive reach and engagement. During the latest Chute webinar, which you can watch above, we were joined by Grayling’s Global Head of Digital Marketing Jan Mikulin as he shared how to measure influencers’ influence, promote engagement, and analyze results. Plus, Chute’s Director of Customer Experience, Alex Vilhena, shared some of the latest research around why this trend has emerged and the results marketers are getting.

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