We’re passionate about the Visual Revolution here at Chute. No longer a pre-meditated activity, people are returning to visual storytelling as they instantly share photos of their experiences on services like Instagram and Twitter at an increasing rate. Thanksgiving day set records for Instagram as people shared over 10 million photos, peaking at the rate of over 200 a second.

These photos combine to tell visual stories that we can collect and curate as they happen, effectively harnessing this visual revolution and we’re going to start showcasing some of the top visual stories.

Thanksgiving was the big theme in visual storytelling this week as we tracked a number of stories in relation to the holiday.

Thanksgiving Day was a perfect storm for visual sharing. When you combine family and friends and lots of food, you can bet there’s going to be a lot of picture sharing going on. Add the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and its giant inflatable balloons into the mix, and you have the ingredients for some great visual storytelling.

Besides food, family, friends, football and parades with floating balloons, Thanksgiving weekend is also known as the kickoff for the holiday shopping season. We saw people line up outside stores for crazy deals on Black Friday, support local businesses on Small Business Saturday and then hunt down online deals on Cyber Monday.

That’s a wrap for this week. The visual revolution is growing and its here to stay. What are you doing to harness it? Contact us, we’d love to show you how.

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