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Snapchat Launches New Ads for Stories and API Access
Snapchat is launching a new API that makes it easier for marketers to buy and manage ad campaigns on Snapchat. “Companies that have access to the API — known as Snapchat Partners — include more than 20 firms with a digital and tech focus. Ads Partners will develop software and analytic tools for advertisers themselves, while Creative Partners will focus more on the end product. A third category, Measurement Partners, will give advertisers new ways to gauge how users interact with their product.”

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Instagram Ads Now Include Mobile Banners
“The Facebook-owned app is rolling out a feature that links ads to profile pages so that when someone clicks on an ad from the news feed, a banner pops up at the bottom of the screen. The banner prompts people to take an action, like to visit a website or download an app. Clicking on the banner pulls up a website within Instagram.”

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Pinterest Gets Visitor Retargeting and Other New Ad Targeting Tools
“Starting today, advertisers will be able to advertise against Pinterest users that have visited their sites — giving retailers a powerful new tool that is available in other advertising suites that will help them follow users as they browse the internet (including on Pinterest). With visitor retargeting, advertisers can place a Pinterest conversion tag across their sites, which will help it follow users onto Pinterest and better target their ads.”

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