Recently launched Repix is a freemium app that gives users creative photo editing tools. The app comes preloaded with abilities that allow you to paint in a variety of effects like one that cartoonizes parts of the image, and the store features sets that give users the ability to paint on color filters and even add some pretty light effects. The overall effect of the tools can range from cheesy to stunning, depending on how they’re used.

When images that have been created in Repix are opened in apps like Instagram, they automatically include “#repix” – leveraging the friends and followers of its users and also creating a hashtag that people can go through to see other Repixed images. While Repix is definitely not the first app to feature automatic hashtags, it is an interesting trend – and a powerful one with Repix already reaching 1.5 million downloads in its first week.

The hashtag itself has become this highly powerful tool to not only be the hub of conversation but to also generate interest and hype. With purchasing through the use of Twitter and hashtags growing, the hashtag is becoming even more powerful. So automatic hashtags are something more app developers will probably be looking into, especially after the success of Repix.

What are your thoughts on apps automatically adding hashtags? Tweet @GetChute with your thoughts, and check out some highlighted images from the Repix hashtag below.


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