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Pinterest acquires team behind Highlight and Shorts
“Pinterest announced that it has acquired the team at Math Camp, the company that produced the location-based app Highlight and also photo-sharing app Shorts. […] Math Camp’s technology was not part of the deal and as such will be sunsetted in the coming weeks, according to a Pinterest spokesperson. However, there are plans for Math Camp to open source many of its libraries and frameworks for developers to work on.”

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Snapchat applies for object recognition ads patent
“Snapchat has filed a patent application for a system of advertising that uses object recognition to serve users sponsored filters. The technology outlined by the company would identify items in users’ pictures, and then offer them image overlays from brands related to these objects.”

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Instagram testing removal of profile’s list view
“That’s right, just months after the app underwent an overhaul, it now appears as if the list view —which allows you to mindlessly scroll through an account’s photos — is on the cusp of being chopped. The company confirmed to Mashable it’s testing the removal on a small group of users, leaving just the standard grid, tagged photos and the location map view available for your perusal.”

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