Every month, we look back at some of the hottest topics on Instagram to share key insights on top performers, content, and trends. This month, we focused on travel, fashion and beauty.

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Thanks to spring break, March 2016 was the biggest month for travel on Instagram over the past year – leading to 7.7 million photos shared. March was also a huge month for students taking off for spring break celebrations around the world.


The top destination for Spring Break UGC was Florida, making up 9% of all travel and #SpringBreak posts. Of these posts, 22% were of #Miami, 16% were from #Orlando, and 9% were from #Disney. Mexico came in second place, making up 6% of photos. The most popular places mentioned were #Cancun (12%) and #MexicoCity (5%). The third most popular destination was California – making up 5% of all the #SpringBreak posts. #LosAngeles was the most popular California destination, with 19% of posts, followed by #SanFrancisco with 15%.

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With 18.5 million photos, March was the second most popular month for fashion on Instagram over the past year – behind December 2015, which had 20.2 million posts.


Top creators featured a mix of both influencers and brands. Important to note, however, is the lack of fashion brands specifically. Only one, TopShop, made it into the top 5, and even they were beat out by automotive brand Mercedes Benz. For fashion brands: you’re not just competing with others in your industry for share of voice. And for other brands: your content doesn’t just have to relate to your industry and nothing else. The people you sell to are interested in a variety of topics, and your brand should be too.

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Now, onto beauty on Instagram. As far as the amount of content being shared, March was identical to February, also hitting 5 million.


Above, you’ll see the brands that were most hashtagged by those in the Instagram beauty community were Urban Decay, Sephora, and NYX Cosmetics. However, if you dive into the full report, you’ll notice that the brands that got the most engagement on their owned content did not over lap. While being in the top list for both is an amazing feat, both sets of brands have some work to do.

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