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Instagram Pushes New Image-Sorting Algorithm Live
“In March, Instagram announced plans to move away from showing posts in strict reverse chronological order, and instead boost those based on the ‘likelihood you’ll be interested in the content, your relationship with the person posting, and the timeliness of the post,’ as it explained at the time. If you think that sounds a lot like parent company Facebook’s News Feed algorithm, you’d be right.” And last week, they finally pushed the change live.

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Snapchat Reportedly Acquires 3D Photo Start-up Seene
Snapchat in 3D? The popular social network has reportedly acquired 3D photo app service Seene.Seene makes “computer vision technology” for mobile devices, including 3D scene reconstruction, object tracking, augmented reality, and 3D face capture—the latter of which is a very Snapchat-friendly quality.

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Pinterest Changes “Pin It” Button to “Save” In Push for Global Growth
Pinterest has renamed its “Pin it” button as “Save” as the online catalogue focuses on international expansion and making the site more intuitive to new users, the company announced Thursday. […] There are now nearly 150 million “save” buttons, formerly “Pin it” buttons, around the web from a range of retailers, brands and publishers. The company has been focusing on the international growth of its users and advertising business, and has been working to make the site better reflect global users’ nuanced tastes. Now, more than half of Pinterest’s users are based outside of the U.S.

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