Instagram has proven that one doesn’t need to be a professional to create beautiful content and lead inspiring lives. Anthony Marcano hopes to inspire this exact ideal in his followers to make their own adventures and photograph the journey.

Initially, the freelance photographer from Bethlehem, Pennsylvania joined the Instagram community based on word-of-mouth from his friends along with his interest in photo filters. Eventually though, he realized that the potential of the social platform allowed so much more.

“I started focusing on achieving the best results with Instagram about a year and half ago,” he recounts. “When I say best results, I was consciously trying to render the best images via my followers’ responses, shooting, compositions and being creative.”

From then on, Instagram became not just another photo app but a challenge–a constant reminder to Anthony that he could do better with his work.

“When work was slow, I used the app to keep myself productive and the creativity fresh. I’ve always had a hands-on approach to keeping my work constant.”

He later brought that sense of challenge and competition to his friend, Dan Newman, and the both of went on spontaneous trips to “wherever we thought we could capture the best images” last winter. Sometimes driving up to the mountains for hours eventually inspired Anthony to create his own hashtag campaign that he titled #AdventurerMe–inspired by his Instagram friend Carter Moore.

“I enjoy what I do because I travel, discover places to shoot and meet interesting people along the way,” he says. “I’m always looking to inspire people just like I’ve been inspired by others.”

So get out there and make your own adventures happen. Don’t forget to tag those photos with #AdventurerMe and follow @AnthonyMarcano on Instagram!

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