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Instagram gives businesses tools to block specific words
“Instagram is giving business users new tools to help moderate comments on posts automatically, thereby cutting down on the amount of amount of spam and abuse in the comments. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that the new features are already rolling out, but average joes don’t get access to the same options; it’s only for business pages for now.”

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Snapchat launches Memories to appeal to older users
“You can now post old content to your Snapchat Story. That’s just one of the sweeping consequences of Snapchat’s new feature “Memories”. It creates a smart camera roll alternative in Snapchat where you can import your existing Snaps, search by caption or recognized objects, creatively embellish and re-share clips, and keep sensitive content for “My Eyes Only”.”

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Pinterest adds visual search feature for finding items
“A new Pinterest Inc. feature aims to eliminate the need to ask questions such as: “Where did you get that shirt?” Taking advantage of the rise in mobile photography, Pinterest says its image-discovery app in coming months will let users point their smartphone cameras at something, and the app instantly will search within its vast online showroom of 75 billion images for a visually similar match of the items in the photo.”

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