To celebrate the limited edition “How Do You Happy?” bottles, Heinz launched a new contest asking people to share their happiest moments tagged with #HeinzHappyContest or submitted directly at And in the end, 100 Happy Winners were selected to receive of prizes up to $5,700!

Now in the second year of the How Do You Happy contest, the Heinz team understands what it takes to launch a successful UGC campaign. We spoke with Joseph Giallanella, Brand Manager for Heinz Ketchup, about exactly this. Read the full Q&A below!

Q1: This is the second year of Heinz’ How Do You Do Happy Campaign. How does this year’s campaign compare to the 2014 campaign?

This year’s How Do You Happy Campaign was an enormous success! Thousands of Heinz fans across the nation shared their Happy with Heinz® Ketchup on Twitter, Instagram, and Submissions demonstrated the countless ways that American’s find happiness – in their children’s smiles, cheering for their home team, and a juicy burger topped with Heinz® Ketchup.

Q2: How do you measure the effectiveness of a user-generated content campaign like How Do You Happy?

Consumer engagement proves the greatest measure of the effectiveness of a user-generated content campaign like How Do You Happy. The more excited consumers are, the better!

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 3.18.42 PM

Q3: Who did you partner with to execute this campaign and what was that experience like?

We partnered with Chute to execute the outreach to consumers across Twitter and Instagram throughout this campaign. Chute determined eligible content submissions on both platforms, collected entries, and reached out to consumers to register their entries.

Q4: One of the tools you used in this campaign was Chute Rights to request permission from entrants to showcase their content. Why was this tool, in addition to just getting submissions directly through your website, important for the campaign, and what was your experience like?

Chute Rights enabled us to reach out to users who entered our contest and secure the rights to their entries. Chute’s platform made it feasible for Heinz® Ketchup to successfully execute a large scale social media campaign, build our eCRM contact database and retain the rights to user-generated content for future use.

Q5: Were there any unexpected insights you gained from the social responses you received? (influencers, trends, etc)

We loved seeing our fans engage with our brand on such an emotional level. Our fans showed us how happiness can come in many forms, from small moments to large bottles.

One of the winning entries to the 2015 How Do You Happy Campaign

Q6: How do you see user-generated content evolving for marketers over the next couple of years?

User-generated content marks the intersection of a brand and the consumer experience. Social media and platforms like Chute provide an incredible opportunity for the marketing community to connect with consumers in a meaningful, real-time way. The marketers and brands that take advantage of this connection will prove especially successful in years to come.

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