Travel photos, and especially beach photos, are among the most prevalent snapshots being shared across social media. Brands do not need to spend valuable marketing dollars and time staging happy families enjoying sun and sand. Actual vacationers supply perfect images and are usually happy to allow brands to repurpose that content. After discerning this, the Florida’s Space Coast joined forces with Chute to employ user generated content (UGC) that both promotes the Space Coast and also provides inspiration (and sometimes evidence) for visitors.

“People love to see the real, authentic experiences travelers are having,” says Jeanna Wood, Content Manager at Florida Space Coast. “As an office, we decided to use user generated photos as a form of marketing because of the authenticity. We can go out and have a photo shoot and provide these beautiful shots but at the end of the day, those actually don’t perform that well compared to user generated photos.”

In addition to Chute’s platform enabling her team to find and manage engaging content, that stream of authentic photos helped Florida’s Space Coast disprove inaccurate stories about the area.

“Three or four counties down from us, they experienced an algae bloom,” says Wood. “People mistakenly thought it was happening here on the Space Coast. We had crazy, negative media and we were able to dispel all of it by just going through the Chute feed, selecting recent images and saying, ‘hey, the water is clean and beautiful! People are out swimming!’”

Florida’s Space Coast partners with Chute to showcase UGC on its website and social media. Users are much more likely to engage with these photos than professional photography. Along the bottom of their websites, visitors can view images taken from fellow travelers’ real experiences on Florida’s Space Coast.

Wood also tucks away relative images for future use. “I love it when I see a cup of coffee photo come up and I know National Coffee Day is approaching so I store that photo away and come back to it. Now I’m able to use a UGC photo, not something we crafted.” This simple practice saves staff time creating original content.

Chute makes it easy for brands to find and use UGC, taking time consuming manual searches out of the equation.

“The platform is phenomenal,” says Wood. “Coming in after a weekend off, it is awesome to see thousands of photos taken right here on the Space Coast. People really love using those social platforms and we love seeing those photos and sharing them with our other fans.”

Wood also appreciates the availability and flexibility of the Chute team.

“We love that in a moment’s notice we can contact the Chute team with any questions or concerns or if we have ideas, they are always open to hear what we have to suggest.”

The company also uses Chute Rights to insure proper UGC usage and respect. If Florida’s Space Coast wants to use a photograph whether on social media or in print, a considerate request is made directly with the person who published the photo. Florida’s Space Coast is easily able to honor the rights of their travelers while also acquiring fantastic content for both digital and print using Chute Rights.

“We’ve actually taken it a step further by requesting that the user send us high resolution images,” says Wood. “Then we can print them in publications including our annual vacation planner. Instead of filling it with a bunch of stock or produced photos, we use user generated photos.

Florida’s Space Coast has discovered the usability and practicality of Chute’s platform. By utilizing UGC, the destination engages on a larger scale with users and saves both time and money.

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