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User-generated content is becoming vital in the fashion world. Just a few years ago, consumers had to discover new trends based on what celebrities were wearing. With the emergence of social media and fashion bloggers, trends can now be set by anyone with an internet connection. This provides huge potential for companies to engage users and broaden audiences. If you want to seize the potential provided by user-generated content, we can help you.

Here’s a round-up of some other companies that are doing great work in user-generated fashion content.

1. Pose

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Think of Pose as a kind-of Instagram for really stylish people. With its own built-in community of trendsetters, this app allows users to share photos of their daily style and engage with other users. With celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and online style icon Gabi Fresh singing its praises, the community has grown significantly over the last year.

2. Polyvore

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Polyvore allows users to create style inspiration boards with items of clothes found from a variety of fashion retailers. The boards end up looking like a page right out of a fashion magazine. One popular user, DisneyBound, has inspired community members to take inspiration from Disney movies in their fashion choices.

3. ModCloth

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 11.59.50 AM

This online fashion retailer, launched a line of designs created and voted on by their Facebook community through their Make the Cut contest. The winners included high school students and aspiring fashion designers. The contest was developed as part of their Be the Buyer program that offers users the opportunity to select which items will be sold on ModCloth.

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