Today, Facebook is still one of the top places to reach fans across every generation or interest. This means hosting or promoting contests on the platform is a great way to engage your current followers and attract new ones. At Chute, we’ve powered many great contests for our partners, so below we’ve listed out some key things anyone wanting to launch a contest should avoid.

  1. No irrelevant prizes!
    Offering a highly coveted prize will always drive traffic to your page, but it’s important to make sure this prize is relevant to your brand. According to 140 Proof and IPG Media Lab, 61% of Facebook users reported unliking or unfollowing a brand because the content of their posts became irrelevant to them, particularly after a contest with an unrelated prize. Keep your eye on the prize, so they can, too. Relevant prizes mean relevant posts, which ultimately lead to happy and engaged users.

  1. Do not break laws or ignore Facebook guidelines.
    This may seem like a given, but brands should look into regulations such as prizes exceeding a certain monetary value or limited conditions for user entry. For example, you should never require a user to like a wall post or upload a photo on your wall to enter a contest. A faulty contest could cost the company thousands of dollars in legal fees as well as a huge loss in followers. The same goes for Facebook guidelines. Respect this valuable tool, and it will in turn help boost your business and spread the word about your brand.

  1. Do not forget about the Consumer Engagement Pyramid.
    What is this, you ask? It’s an excellent visual tool via Social Media Examiner that will help you decide the right type of contest submission for your brand. The difficulty of the contest submission directly affects the level of user engagement. Contests with a quick “click to enter” will get the most submissions, but require basically no user engagement and is quickly forgotten about. Contests that require more work for the user will significantly drive down the number of entries, but those who do enter are more likely to be a repeat customer for the brand.

  1. Do not forget to get entrant permission to repost or repurpose content.
    If you didn’t include some kind of agreement during the initial submission process, make sure to reach out to the winner of your contest to request permission to re-post their content. The great thing is that even though this seems like a stuffy or boring step, it has the potential to be one of best times to engage fans. As we’ve seen through our Chute Rights product, people get really excited when their favorite brands reach out and show appreciation for what they’re posting.

  1. Never notify winners with a status update. 
    This one is both a Facebook guideline and good practice for brands. Facebook requires that you notify your winners through a different, third party channel such as email before you publicize it on a Facebook post. Facebook does this to prevent users from being scammed, but you’ll also want to do this to make sure you have accurate data on your winner. You’ll also be able to collect more user data outside of Facebook, which will ultimately help you continue to keep your fans engaged.

With these tips, you should be on your way to Facebook contest success. We’d love to hear your #1 Facebook  do or don’t. Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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