“If we don’t feel a little nervous about what we’re doing there, we probably aren’t doing it right.”

Snapchat has become the most important social media tool for teens and is growing swiftly among millennials. However, many marketers are wary of the platform – unsure of how to plan effective content for it or measure results. Condé Nast Traveler, however, has been at the forefront – from working with influencers to giving Snapchat early exclusives. During this session, Traveler’s Digital Director, Brad Rickman, shared his best practices, examples, and tactics for setting a strong Snapchat strategy.

In this video, Rickman shares:
– The most productive social platform for growing a Snapchat audience
– The top hurdles for content creation and analysis
– Top engagments indicators to be tracking on the platform
– What’s coming next? The top features Rickman expects to see in the near future

Check out what some of the audience was saying during the live talk:

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