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Instagram’s new logo distracts from their new algorithm-based feed
Everyone knows that Instagram updated its logo this past week, but it also quietly rolled out its March-announced new feed algorithm for select users. “…I wondered from the start whether the logo change might have been intended to serve as a diversion – focusing users’ attention and discussion on something effectively immaterial while the firm made other changes that might be far more controversial.”

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Facebook accused of censoring its news feed
“The social network espouses to be a level playing field for political debate, but Gizmodo reported earlier this week that anonymous former contractors claim Facebook stifles conservative topics from appearing in the “Trending” news section.”

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Kayak testing voice-powered search by Amazon Echo
“User interface (or UI in industry-speak) design is a big deal for online travel companies. A tiny change in the online booking process can impact millions of dollars in revenue. With the news this week that metasearch heavyweight Kayak has launched a new voice search feature on Amazon’s increasingly-popular Echo device, the topic of UI is about to get even more interesting. ”

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