TravelNevada‘s Communications Specialist Kaitlin Godbey has a passion for content strategy, which she uses to promote all things quirky, weird, fabulous, and fun in the Silver State. The destination has active communities across their social channels, with hundreds of thousands Likes on Facebook and tens of thousands of followers on Twitter. Their most recent success is Instagram, which has already hit and grown well past 10k followers a few weeks ago.

We interviewed Godbey in anticipation of our upcoming Millennial Marketing for Travel and Destination Brands webinar. Check out her thoughts on Instagram’s value for destinations and influencer partnerships.

CHUTE: Why do you see Instagram as valuable for destination brands?
GODBEY: It’s no secret that Instagram and Travel go together like peanut butter and jelly. What better way is there to quickly document and share your favorite memories from your latest vacation, road trip, or time spent as a weekend warrior? For us, Instagram is the perfect way to not only be a place of inspiration for things to do and places to explore, but also connect with travelers on a very human level. Instagram is still a pretty intimate social network, and it’s a perfect place to offer travel advice and connect with future, current, and past travelers.


CHUTE: How do you measure success or prove the value of these Instagram efforts?
GODBEY: We really focus our efforts on evaluating the engagement with our brand. This includes the number of times users tag our brand hashtags, tag us in photos, like our photos, or leave a comment. We use these as the building blocks to figuring out what content works and more importantly, what doesn’t. We also look to see if our posts generated any website traffic using Google Analytics.



CHUTE:Is there one tactic that you see destination brands implementing on Instagram or social media in general that you’d advise against?
GODBEY: Regrams are a touchy subject. I’d suggest getting explicit permission to share other’s photos or videos before using an app to regram or share without knowing you have permission.



CHUTE: How have you been working with influencers for your Instagram account? What inspired that focus?
GODBEY: Harnessing the power of influencers has been a game changer for us. Nevada is a peculiar state with only two large cities and 450 miles between them. We heavily push Nevadans to explore their home state along with encouraging road trips to Nevada from our friends in neighboring states (California, Oregon, Arizona, Utah, and Idaho). To help with this effort, we have our diehard Nevada adventurers (there’s plenty out there) takeover our Instagram on a regular basis to showcase their favorite places to explore around the state. A recent example could be our #NV10KTakover launch. We hit 10,000 Instagram followers in 2015 and invited Nevadans to show off their neck of the woods all in 10,00 steps. The way we see it, this is about how many steps the average person can rack up on a pretty active day of on-foot exploring – so what better way to celebrate reaching 10,000 followers than in 10,000 steps?



CHUTE: What about your wider audience? What are some tactics you’d recommend for engaging past and future travelers through Instagram?
GODBEY: Searching geotags is a great way to find travelers posting from a specific area. We try to be a very engaging account, so we comment on photos pretty frequently while searching geotags instead of just liking every photo that pertains to us. It’s an easy way to strike up a conversation, offer some advice, and potentially earn a new follower and future influencer.

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