Gates vs Jobs. Christina vs Britney. Hamilton vs Burr. New York City vs Los Angeles. There are few rivalries as true and deep as the one that seems to exist between many of the residents of these two major American cities. Other articles and infographics have compared the two based on population, jobs, food, housing, and countless other categories. We, of course, had to get into the fun ourselves to see just how these two metropolises compare and contrast. Our tool of measurement? Instagram!

First, let’s look at the overall numbers. Over the course of 3 weeks (from March 22 to April 11), 2.5 million photos were shared about the two destinations in total, and the most popular hashtags for each city were using #NYC (with 1.3 million posts) and #LosAngeles (with 674K posts).

Top Locations

Los Angeles:
Hollywood – 12% of posts
Santa Monica and Beverly Hills – 4% (tie)

Manhattan and Brooklyn – 10% of posts (tie)

Most people sharing about or from NYC seem to concentrate on Manhattan and Brooklyn evenly. However, for Los Angeles, Hollywood is far ahead of the next two most popular destinations.

Top Photo Topics

Los Angeles:
Fashion – 11% of posts
Music and Model – 6% (tie)
Beach – 3%
Lakers – 2%

Spring – 5% of posts
OOTDs – 4%
Fitness, Architecture, Design and Food – 3% (tie)

This was definitely a bit of a surprise. #Fashion didn’t even register in the top associated topics for NYC, but it was the #1 topic for LA content (although, OOTD – aka Outfit of the Day – did pop up for NYC). Conversely, #fitness was nowhere to be seen in LA’s most popular topics, but it made up 3% of NYC-related content.

Top Brands

top instagram brands

What was interesting here is that many top brands don’t seem to be including locations in their tags. However, this is a fantastic way for local and smaller brands to shine – in LA, Project Mermaids captured the #2 spot and in NYC Magnolia Bakery and Kleinfeld’s both got into the top 5.

Top Influencers

top influencers on instagram

There is a very obvious and very clear distinction between these two city’s top influencers. While the most popular NYC posts all seem to come from traditional celebrities, LA’s are all social media influencers. It’s no secret that LA has become the hub for many of these creators – Youtubers especially have made Los Angeles home in order to make networking with others in their field easier and to also take advantage of the city’s entertainment industry.

Dogs VS Cats

Another timeless rivalry. Are these city’s Instagramers dog people or cat people?

cat vs dog

NYC: Dog people! More than 20K photos of dogs shared vs just a bit over 9K of cats.
Los Angeles: Also dog people, but they’re considerably less enthusiastic about it. Only a bit over 9K photos shared of dogs and a paltry 3K photos of cats shared.

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Monica is a book hoarder and gets overexcited about community-driven marketing. She lives in New York City and dreams of a day when a landlord will let her have a cat.