This past weekend, shoppers braved the cold and long lines to get some of the best deals of the season for Black Friday, and during that time they were snapping and sharing photos on both Twitter and Instagram – to the tune of 382,184 #blackfriday photos over the course of the holiday weekend! With so many people not only in stores but on their mobile devices sharing and following along, brands were also publishing content to reach these consumers.

Which brands’ content strategies came out on top? Looking at all the Instagram content created during the holiday weekend, we’ve deciphered the top images based on overall engagement level (likes and comments).

It may come as a surprise, but the Most Popular #blackfriday Instagram photo came not from a retailer but from a government agency! NASA, which has a very active Instagram account and massive following, turned Black Friday into #BlackHoleFriday – sharing photos and information about Black Holes! This photo announcing the series ended up becoming the most popular #BlackFriday photo, but why? Not only is it funny (or maybe more punny), but the photo itself is stunning and provides value through education.

nasa instagram

But it is a retailer who has the Best Overall spot for their #blackfriday Instagram content, and that is Victoria’s Secret PINK with more photos in the top 10 than any other Instagram account (3/10)! Their top photo (pictured below) featured a call to action for followers to share their #PINKInstahaul. Their second best-performing photo provided value through an alert about a surprise coupon in the PINKNation app. Their third top-performing photo was an in-store photo announcing one of their Black Friday deals. Plus, all the images shared by PINK have the “Authenticity Factor” with the staging and editing style matching the style typically used by PINK’s demographic.


Another trend? While many of the related terms used with #blackfriday were generic ones like #sale or #shopping, the first brand mentioned is Etsy (#etsy) with 1,248 mentions. In fact, overall artisanal products and small businesses fared well when it came to consumer posting (#handmade: 1005; #shopsmall: 893).

Which brands do you think did an amazing job on Instagram this Black Friday? Let us know on Twitter!

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