What does it take to succeed as an auto brand on Instagram? A focus on luxury and car photos.

Between March 1 and April 17, 2.5 million car-related photos were shared. The most popular photo was a user-generated image shared by Mercedes-Benz, showcasing the interior of their new E-Class model. As of today, the image has received more than 146K likes and 1.6K comments.

Top Performing Accounts

  1. @MercedesBenz – Auto Brand
  2. @MercedesAMG – Auto Brand
  3. @Jaguar – Luxury Auto Brand
  4. @m_galustyan – Comedian
  5. @AstonMartinLagonda – Auto Brand
  6. @mbusa – Auto Brand
  7. @TeslaMotors – Auto Brand
  8. @DodgeOfficial – Auto Brand
  9. @mclarenauto – Auto Brand
  10. @Audi_official – Auto brand

Posts from both @MercedesBenz and @MercedesAMG made up the majority of all the most popular photos. Brands in general, especially luxury brands, are the accounts that tended to perform the best for this topic. This seems contrary to almost every other vertical on Instagram. The automotive community is one that seems to very much value the brand’s voice and image over all else. The only non-luxury car brand to make in the top ten list was Dodge with a user-generated image.

And every single one of the most popular images prominently featured a car.

auto industry on instagram

Photos of luxury vehicles weren’t just the most popular images – it’s also one of the most popular topics for the auto community on Instagram, making up 10% of the entire conversation over the last few weeks.

Top Related Topics

  1. 10% – #Luxury
  2. 8% – #Supercar
  3. 8% – #CarsWithoutLimits
  4. 5% – #SportsCar
  5. 5% – #Racing

While not in the top 5 related topics, #fashion made up 4% of the car conversation. The biggest trend here was a focus on watches – specifically, luxury watches.

And of course people are also tagging their favorite car brands, which is also made up of primarily luxury brands:

Top Brands Mentioned

  1. 9% – #BMW
  2. 7% – #Ferrari
  3. 7% – #Audi
  4. 6% – #MercedesBenz
  5. 5% – #Porsche

This is again where the auto community diverges from other Instagram niches, which means more economic brands or smaller brands will need to really work to try and be a big part of the community.

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