With millions of photos, travel is one of the most popular topics on Instagram, and airline brands have the unique opportunity of being able to provide some of the best examples of that content. What are the 3 fundamental “must haves” for any airline using the platform? And which airline is tackling each tactic best? Check out the list below!

Best Photography: United
The whole world is your oyster. With employees and customers all over the world, there really isn’t an excuse for boring photography. We all have a bit of wanderlust running through our veins, which has made travel one of the biggest topics on Instagram. A feed filled with stunning photos from around the world will give people a reason to follow your brand and could inspire future travels.

With a mix of both proprietary and user-generated images, United’s feed is a stunning escape.

Best Community Outreach: Southwest Airlines
People are passionate about traveling – in the past, they’d print images or create slideshows to show their journey with friends and family. Today, they post to Instagram. These travelgrammers are influencers in their own right, and engaging them will only help foster a more loyal and vocal community.

From incorporating real travelers’ moments in their feed to interactive scavenger hunts, Southwest knows how to engage their loyal customers on Instagram.

Enjoy the scenery and tag it #SWApic. We have been known to feature the best ones!

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Best Influencer Collaboration: Alaska Airlines
Lastly, partnering with Instagram users who have grown their own following and community is a great way to expand your reach and generate great content. One of the most important keys to successfully working with influencers is to create cool experiences instead of just paying for product placement, and this is something airlines should easily be able to accomplish.

Alaska Air’s #WeekendWanderer campaign hands over their account to Instagram influencers on weekend-long trips to destinations like Hawaii and San Francisco. The content alone is stunning, but this is also an example of the best kind of influencer collaboration because it creates moments their followers will actually be interested in and enjoy consuming.

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