Some of the largest conversations on Instagram are centered on shopping, fashion, retail and beauty. It’s no surprise retailers are looking for ways to be part of these conversations and maximize their presence on today’s most aspirational social platform. But with limited tools for marketers, Instagram can be challenging for many brands to feel like they can master.

In this week’s webinar we covered all things retail and Instagram; starting with data to understand just how influential this platform is for retailers. Did you know the average cart size of a person referred from Instagram nearly tripled from 2013-2014? For a platform that only recently added a “Shop Now” button, and only for a limited set of advertisers, this growth is an incredible indicator of the platform’s potential for retail brands.

The conversation also covered our top five tips for how retailers (but really how any brand) can maximize their presence on Instagram to drive awareness, engagement and ultimately dollars.

Check out the full discussion above, and share your favorite Instagram tips with @getchute.

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Jody is a lover of animals, gardening, cooking (eating, obviously) and her two adorable kids. She's a bit marketing obsessed, but only in a really healthy and normal way.

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