From discovering influencers to understanding best-performing content, there’s a ton of information locked within the data on Instagram. The trick is knowing how to pull out those insights, which was the topic of our most recent webinar. During that discussion, we shared some free tools marketers can be using to being to tap into the information available on Instagram. Today, we’re highlighting those tools while also sharing some more that making analyzing your content and the content of others a snap. Oh, and did I mention they’re completely free?

Eyes App
The Eyes app (formerly known as Being) basically allows you to search for any public Instagram user and experience the platform as they do. While this doesn’t really provide any hard data, it does allow you to take a virtual walk in the shoes of your audience and understand how your brand’s content fits into their world.

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UGC Brand Trends Tool
The free UGC Brand Trends tool, created by Chute, allows you to see how your hashtag of choice fits into various Instagram communities. For example, below you can see how #United fits into the travel conversation happening on Instagram – including the top creators, photos, and associated hashtags. Of course, you’re not restricted to just brand hashtags – you can search any hashtag important to you to see how it’s performing and receive ongoing updates about it via email.

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Instagram on Macromeasures
Over at Macromeasures, you can get high level, aggregate level data on your Instagram’s demographic and psychographic footprint. Just sign in and add an account you’d like to analyze, and then let the system scan your following for key metrics. For example, below you can see the results for Gap. You can use this information to better target custom audience campaigns and give you a jumping off point for a more in depth test with Chute and Macromeasures to dig into what personas or trends we see in your audience.

Screenshot 2016-05-10 03.47.22

For a free tool, SquareLovin offers a lot in terms of Instagram management. You can like and comment on posts inside the desktop tool and even create folders of images you find that you want to remember. The free analytics also track your accounts growth over 7 and 30 days.


Collecto is similar to SquareLovin in that it allows you to view your Instagram feed in a grid-style experience and interact with photos. While their analytics aren’t quite as in-depth, you can glean some useful stats at a glance.

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Want to go beyond the basics? Learn how Chute Discover can let your team dive into Instagram data and insights here.

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