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Over the course of 2016, more than 98.5 million photos related to travel were shared on Instagram. Over the past year, we tracked and analyzed all of this content in monthly travel reports: revealing which destinations, influencers and topics were trending each month throughout the year. Recently, we looked back at all of 2016 collectively to show the current state of travel on Instagram that all travel marketers should know for 2017 – as told by real travelers. Keep reading to discover highlights from the report, which not only reveals the top photo of the year, but also the top trends and consumer insights based on these millions of photos.

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1. UGC Continues to Outperform
Overall, the top brands’ accounts (pictured on the left) were almost all fueled by user-generated content. It’s impossible for any marketing team to be everywhere, but their fans are constantly exploring and sharing photos of their travels. For brands with products like GoPro and auto brands, this makes user-generated content key for their social strategies. Plus, nobody captures what matters most to other travelers better than real travelers – something for hotel brands and destinations to also keep in mind.

2. Fashion Influencers Reign Supreme
The key influencers in travel are also fashion influencers. One key takeaway here is: everyone vacations. Travel brands and destinations are not beholden to only working with travel-related creators. Yes, these focused accounts are amazing at reaching people interested in travel, but remember that travelers have a diverse set of interests to appeal to, and working with a range of influencers is a great way to reach a wider audience. See the full list of top influencers in the report.

3. Meet the Two Main Travel Personalities on Instagram
Looking at the interests of travel creators on Instagram really allows you to see the two most distinct archetypes of the Instagram traveler. First, you have the maverick. This is a traveler who lives for adventure – they love backpacking and hiking. They’re not afraid to rough it, go camping, or eat street food over dining out. On the other hand, you have the luxury traveler. This is the group that’s probably the reason so many fashion and luxury car brands were so successful. They want to be pampered, eat the best food, and have exclusive experiences.

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