It’s hard to believe that a decade ago Twitter didn’t exist. The platform has had a huge part in revolutionizing the way we discover breaking news, interact with friends, family and the wider world, and even get customer service from brands.

Lately, there have been questions surrounding the platform’s monetization efforts and user growth, but if the 2016 Oscars was anything to judge by, there is still no other platform that brings together the internet to discuss a topic on the same scale as Twitter. With massive possible changes on the horizon – like the move away from the 140 character limit, the next couple years are going to be a pretty exciting time for the social network.

In celebration of the past 10 years, here are 10 stats about Twitter, its users, and Twitter marketing!

1. On average, around 7,150 tweets are sent on Twitter every second – that equals 617,760,000 tweets per day. (source)

2. There are 304 million monthly active users on Twitter. (source)

3. The most retweeted tweet is still this selfie from the 2015 Oscars shared by Ellen DeGeneres. (source)

4. With 85 million followers, Katy Perry is the most followed Twitter user. (source)

5. The average number of Twitter followers is 208. (source)

6. Tweets with photos are four times more likely to convey positive sentiments compared with text tweets. (source)

7. 78% of user engagement with a brand’s Tweets is in the form of Retweets. (source)

8. “You” is the most retweetable word. (source)

9. Tweets with hashtags receive 2x more engagement than those without, but tweets with more than 2 hashtags drop 17% in engagement. (source)

10. Tweets with images get 18% more click-throughs, 89% more favorites, and 150% more retweets. (source)

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Monica is a book hoarder and gets overexcited about community-driven marketing. She lives in New York City and dreams of a day when a landlord will let her have a cat.