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Instagram & Twitter see executive team shakeups
Both Twitter and Instagram reported changes to their teams. Instagram picked up Twitter’s former head of product, Kevin Weil, who left the company along with a handful of other executives this past Sunday. Meanwhile, Twitter added on AmEx’s Head of Digital Partnerships, Leslie Berland, as their new CMO.

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New study shows pre-roll ads increasing ad blocking
“Research Now conducted the study and surveyed 9,000 people. Active users of ad blockers, including mobile, and those who are aware of ad blockers but have not yet installed them, were surveyed for the study. The research said pre-roll ads were among the most intrusive, with 41% of respondents saying they installed the ad-blocking software due to the ad format.”

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Periscope now streaming GoPro footage
“Periscope announced the integration is available for iPhone users. A post on GoPro’s website also unveiled the news, foreshadowing what X Games fans might expect this week during the extreme winter sports competition in Aspen, Colo. The new feature is available on the GoPro Hero 4 camera, allowing users to switch back and forth between GoPro and iPhone cameras.”

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Twitter is introducing 30-second-plus pre-roll video ads (via MarketingDive)

Snapchat’s linked with the NFL to sell big-name brands for a Super Bowl Live Story (via Digiday)

Bolstered by Holiday Budgets, Facebook’s Ad Revenue Hit $5.6 Billion in Q4 (via Adweek)

PepsiCo’s CMOs on Why 40% of Its Super Bowl Budget Is Going to Digital (via Adweek)

Spotify’s Video Content Hits iOS A Bit Earlier Than Expected (via TechCrunch)

Benefit’s cheeky new digital redesign targets millennials on the move (via Digiday)

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