Join MRY CMO David Berkowitz and Chute’s Gregarious Narain on Jan. 22 at 10 am PT/1 pm ET for a webinar on the future of content marketing and a dive into the Content Marketing Aperture – an 8-part framework to create effective content for today’s consumer. Sign up here.

You’re constantly reminded about the importance of content, and lots of brands took up the challenge of publishing more frequently in 2014. But you’re probably still finding it a struggle to make content that resonates enough with your audience for them to watch – let alone share or engage, right? That’s because so far the emphasis has been on creating content for the sake of creating content – basically throwing out everything and hoping something sticks.

Not only is that a waste of time, resources, and money, but it also misses lots of opportunities to really tap into your audience. The key is to stop trying to make people like your content and to instead make content people like. But how can you achieve that?

We looked at and analyzed the most successful content from top brands. What we found was that the best content today includes the following 8 attributes, which we refer to as the Content Marketing Aperture:

  • User-Inspired
  • Targeted
  • Multi-Channel
  • Visual
  • Thoughtful
  • Evergreen
  • Native
  • Shareable

You can get full descriptions and examples of each in the Content Marketing Aperture whitepaper here.

Creating amazing content is something very familiar to MRY CMO David Berkowitz. Outside of being a creator himself, David’s role is to know what’s next and important for brands – both from a tech standpoint and also culturally. His work has kept MRY nimble and effective for its clients.

That’s why he was a perfect fit for our upcoming webinar around the Content Marketing Aperture. David will be joining Greg to share case studies, forward-looking thoughts on the future of content, and tactics and strategies your marketing team needs to know for 2015! 

Sign up to attend David and Greg’s webinar on effective content here!

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