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Facebook launches new Messenger tools for Pages
“A day after people started noticing Facebook was now suggesting business to chat with while in Messenger, the social network officially announced a suite of tools and updates designed to help Facebook users better connect with the businesses using its platform. As part of these changes, businesses will now see their Facebook Page usernames being more heavily promoted across the site, and they’ve been given two new ways for people to begin chatting with them: Messenger Links, which are short URLs, and scannable Messenger Codes.”

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Kik launches bot store ahead of Facebook
“Pretty soon, any messaging app that doesn’t have a platform for bots will be seriously left behind. “Messengers are the new browsers and bots are the new websites,” as Kik‘s Mike Roberts puts it to me. With this in mind, the messaging app that’s big with America’s youth has today launched a bot store and developer platform to support it.”

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Twitter wins rights to stream 10 NFL games
“The social media company paid around $10 million for the rights to stream 10 of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football games, according to Bloomberg. Those are the same games CBS and NBC paid a combined $450 million for the broadcast rights. The price discrepancy comes from the fact that Twitter will be rebroadcasting CBS and NBC’s national advertisements, and it will only be able to sell ads against the inventory reserved for local broadcasts.”

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