For the launch of Ed Sheeran’s “All of Our Stars” music video, Atlantic Records partnered with visual brand engagement platform Chute, to interact with fans and gather photo submissions from the powerful online community surrounding the upcoming 20th Century Fox film The Fault in Our Stars.

“The fans of The Fault in Our Stars have shown such an outpouring of support and love for film, so we wanted to celebrate that by letting them be a part of the music video,” said Thanh Nguyen, Director of Digital Marketing at Atlantic Records. “It was important for us to include user-generated content to reflect the personal relationships millions of people have with the story.”

Chute’s technology made it simple for Atlantic Records to quickly discover, organize, obtain permission to use more than 3,800 pieces of amazing fan photo submissions in just three days by promoting and tracking the hashtag #TFIOSencouragements. More than 96% of fans responded to Atlantic Records and agreed to have their photos published. Photo submissions were displayed in an online gallery, where fans could view, share and vote on their favorites.

“The stream of content was remarkable,” Nguyen said. “Using Chute made it simple to gather thousands of pieces of content to showcase in the video. The end result is something really personal and authentic – both to Ed, the people involved in bringing the book to screen, and the fans.”

Today, millions of people share billions of photos across multiple platforms, and it is every marketer’s opportunity to discover the gold – every day. Chute works with brands from Ann Taylor to Bank of America to help them amplify fan-made content to build brand affinity and loyalty.

“We were ecstatic to work with Atlantic Records on an innovative approach to incorporate the genuine passion of fans into the “All of Our Stars” music video,” said Gregarious Narain, Chute co-founder and CTO. “Atlantic Records could have easily made their own video featuring professional photos, but they knew that a huge part of the Fault in Our Stars’ success stems from the fans. Increasingly, brands understand customer-inspired media is an integral part of the story they want to tell and their most engaged fans are sharing media. They’re tapping into Chute every day to manage this content and engage with these fans.”

Watch Ed Sheeran’s “All of Our Stars” music video here and order the soundtrack to The Fault in Our Stars here. Be sure to catch the film in theaters starting today.

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