In the new #BoostYourRun collaboration between adidas and Spotify, media agency Carat created a new community destination for both companies that included a fan-powered photo gallery – using Chute’s tools to collect and publish user-generated media along with engaging directly fans.

“Creating content that adds value to people’s lives and putting them in the center of that content are two of the most important aspects of marketing,” Josh Bone, Global Digital Account Manager for Carat said. “The Chute platform makes it possible for us to do that easily and effectively – illustrated in the adidas and Spotify partnership.”

The Spotify playlist generator is an incredibly useful tool – taking into consideration the music you already like, along with the intensity and length of your run to create the ideal mix. You can check out my, slightly embarrassing, playlist below (I mean, who doesn’t get pumped up by Call Me Maybe?).

The social display effectively brings together an international community of runners who are able to share their personal running stories and get inspired from each other. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The magic happens below the surface in the personal brand-to-fan engagement, made possible with Chute Rights, where adidas is able to get permission to display the photos, as well as communicate directly with their fans at scale.

Content marketing is more than just creating cool campaigns. A successful content marketing strategy leverages engagement to build brand affinity, community and loyalty. Carat’s campaign showcases the best of those three tenets, and we’re excited to be along for the ride run.

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Monica is a book hoarder and gets overexcited about community-driven marketing. She lives in New York City and dreams of a day when a landlord will let her have a cat.

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