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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – Dec. 8, 2016 – Chute, the leaders in enterprise user generated content (UGC) marketing, today announces a partnership with audience intelligence data company Macromeasures to provide even greater consumer insights to marketers.

Macromeasures’ PeopleData, based on public social data and sophisticated machine learning technology, add rich, customer-level insights that provide a deeper understanding of the different personas and preferences within a brand’s audience and consumer base to Chute’s platform.

Through this partnership, Chute will now be able to deliver a more in-depth analysis of data and insights for clients, including:

  • The ability to segment their social audience into personas and demographics
  • The opportunity to gain insights that lead to more authentic, personalized and engaging messaging
  • Access to data to build strategies that encourage loyalty

“Every marketer wants to understand their customers better,” Chute CEO Ranvir Gujral said. “Through this partnership with Macromeasures, we’re excited to offer our clients exactly that – the ability to have a clearer picture of who their audience is, what their interests and preferences are, based on what they’ve shared publicly through social media. This will allow brands to not only be more targeted but also more useful to the customers they wish to serve.”

“Macromeasures is extremely excited to partner with Chute to usher in the ‘age of authenticity’. Our mission is to enable marketers to honor who their customers are. To that end, I believe the combination of Chute and Macromeasures will meet the needs of marketing and analytics professionals everywhere to create the 1:1 relationships with millions customers that is ever-more essential,” said Vasu Nadella, CEO at Macromeasures Inc.

Chute and Macromeasures are also offering free monthly industry-level reports as part of Chute’s UGC Brand Trends tool. The UGC Brand Trends tool allows marketers to search and gather high-level insights around the content people create on Instagram. These new reports offer deeper audience demographic data and preferences for both the travel and fashion industries.


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