Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a large number of updates and revelations around social media app Snapchat – from acquisitions to research. Here, we’ve gathered 5 key facts and figures most important for brands and broke down what they mean for social media marketers.

1. The Average Snapchat User Spends 25–30 Minutes on the App Each Day
According to Business Insider, the app’s 100 million daily active users spend 25 to 30 minutes each day in the app on average. And they’re not just watching snaps – 60 percent are also actively creating new content. Snapchat is using these stats in its pitch to advertisers.

2. 23% of Snapchat Users Check Live Stories and Discover Daily
Variety recently published a survey of 13-24 year old Snapchat users to decipher how they’re using the app. Only 23% of respondents said they actively check the Live Stories/Discover feature. However, of those 23%, 44% check daily or more. Instead, the most popular daily action on Snapchat are currently viewing snaps or stories from people they follow. This is actually pretty great news for brands and means getting that follower count up is pivotal.

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3. Users Love Creating Their Stories Most
Even more interesting is that what consumers love to do most on Snapchat has nothing to do with the Discover section or viewing friends’ snaps. Instead, according to Variety, the top allure of Snapchat for consumers is creating their own stories. And 30% love it for the pure reason that their parents aren’t on the app yet.

snapchat stats

4. Snapchat Wants Your Television Budget
In its pitch to brands, Snapchat is comparing the app most to ads on television. According the Nielsen, Snapchat is able to reach 41% of 18-34 year-olds living in the US, while the top 15 US TV networks only reach 6% of these people. And as a way to further attract TV budgets, the app company signed a deal with Nielsen to track its ads using advertising industry standard, gross rating points (GRPs).

5. Their Acquisition of Bitstrips Shows They Understand Consumers’ Desire for Self-Expression
Recently, Bitmoji has seen a big resurgence in the messaging sphere – and Snapchat just bought their parent company Bitstrips according to Fortune. The signs are clear: it’s full steam ahead for personalization on Snapchat. As shown above, users’ top reason for using Snapchat is sharing with others through their stories, and with the success of filters and lenses (and, more importantly, branded filters and lenses), the addition of Bitmoji provides the app with a way to now customize and expand their emoji capabilities.

For those unfamiliar with Bitmoji, Fortune breaks the app down:

Bitstrips was originally founded in 2007 to help users build personalized digital comics, but in 2014 refocused on customized and shareable cartoon avatars. Users download an app, and then pick from a variety of face shapes, skin colors, and other features that often result in eerily accurate portrayals. These “bitmojis” then can be put into various different poses or with different accessories, and are readily accessible for mobile communications.

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