September 12, 2013 Add Comment Monica Watson

It used to be the way you take better pictures is you learn to be a better photographer. You get bigger cameras, bigger lenses, you learn about all the techniques of light meters and gels and filters, and you can spend your lifetime learning how to take advantage of this and make it work for you.

For the people who want do that, that’s great. For most of us, we just want to take a picture, and have the iPhone take a better picture for us.

- Phil Schieller, Senior VP of Marketing at Apple

The above quote comes from the Apple release of the iPhone 5c and 5s. The announcement came with a variety of updates to the phone’s camera – an upgraded flash, a better lens, and a larger sensor. Smartphones have taken a big chunk of the point-and-shoot market, now Apple is gearing up to do the same to DSLRs.

By playing up the learning curve of DSLRs and touting the iPhone’s camera quality, Schieller is encouraging consumers to put down lenses in exchange for iPhones. And why wouldn’t most consumers do exactly that? In one device they have the tools to take, edit, and share photos. A DSLR doesn’t provide that immediacy that we’ve become accustomed to.

What do you think is the next step for consumer-level DSLR manufacturers to compete with the iPhone, the Lumia, and even Sony’s Lens Cameras? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter.

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July 10, 2013 Add Comment Jay Park

Living during the Visual Revolution, images are being shared every minute of every day; Instagram alone has over 160 million monthly active users with 45 million photos shared daily. Now, those 45 million photos can be embedded directly from Instagram.

And today, Instagram announced web embeds–allowing users to now share nine vino bottle and puppy pictures much more easily.

Photos shouldn’t just live in a feed. Chute helps companies leverage the visual social content on a large-scale. Every day users also want to share their personal Instagram photos in their blog posts, and today that’s a whole lot easier.

Visuals are vital–whether you’re a marketer or a blogger documenting your daily life. Photos capture memories–they let you capture and share your life in an evocative way easily.  That’s the underlying importance of this announcement; it shows Instagram’s belief in the power of users being able to showcase these stories.

The embedded photo displays the user’s handle as well as number of likes and comments. This option seems to only be available for public photos, which is only fair that the private ones be kept private.

Ready to test it out? Just follow these 3 simple steps and you’re ready to go:

1. Open up the photo and click the “share” icon.

2. Copy the embed link provided in the lightbox.

3. Paste it into your content and ta-dah. You have your beautifully embedded image

Currently it is only supported through iframe, which means the embedding will not work on most wordpress or tumblr blogs; however, if you have a blogger, rejoice and be happy because it works there!

Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction for Instagram, addressing an issue that has plagued bloggers, marketers, and photo-sharing aficionados since its inception. While some improvements are definitely needed to make it accessible to use on most, if not all, blogs and host pages, Instagram has the opportunity to make a huge dent on visual media sharing across all platforms with web embedding.

Here’s to hoping they’ll make it universally embeddable soon.

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Chute Media Gallery App Goes Live in Echo’s App Ecosystem

December 6, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

Chute Media Gallery, a real time application that we collaborated with Echo to build and recently previewed for youis now available in the Echo App Ecosystem.

“People are producing visual content about brands every day,” said Khris Loux, Co-founder and CEO of Echo. “Chute Media Galleries provide an easy and efficient way to instantly harness this content and use it to create engaging, real-time experiences for websites, microsites or as part of marketing and advertising programs.”

As an Echo Enabled App, Chute Media Galleries inherits a number of important capabilities from the Echo Platform, including automatic spam filtering and advanced moderation controls.

“We see significant value in being part of the Echo Enabled Program,” said Ranvir Gujral, CEO of Chute. “Echo provides a robust foundation for this app while serving as a sales and marketing channel into large enterprises that want to better manage the relationship with their audiences and be part of the visual revolution. We look forward to expanding our relationship with Echo and being part of their collective movement to transform the web from static to real-time.”

The Chute Media Gallery App is currently available through Echo’s App Ecosystem.

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The Stats Behind 2012 Election Night’s Visual Story

November 8, 2012 Add Comment Andy Kaufman

2012 Election Night marked the arrival of Instagram as a of mass-scale photo reporting tool as citizens shared their experience through photos posted on the service, giving us fascinating visual insight into the process.

In order to harness this explosion in citizen journalism, NBC News used a site that we powered called ElectionGrams to collect and showcase Instagram photos with the hashtag #NBCPolitics.

Ryan Osborn, Senior Director, Digital Media at NBC News tells us that, “As big news happens people sharing images to social networks is a behavior that continues to grow. Working with a solution like Chute, NBC News has been able to discover  and surface images faster than ever before.”

We dug into the stats behind the photos that told the visual story on ElectionGrams and here’s what we found:

  • The peak photo collection time was when 16,404 photos were collected between 11:30pm and 12 Midnight Eastern time. This was the peak for both #Obama (7829) and #Romney (2399) photos. NBC News projected the Obama victory at 11:12pm Eastern.
  • Obama supporters embraced social photo sharing by a good margin over Romney’s. The ratio of images tagged with #Obama to those tagged #Romney bounced between 2-3 to 1 for most of the day until Obama was projected as the winner.
  • After Obama was declared the winner the ratio rose and broke above 3 to 1 and kept rising until settling into a range between a 6-8 to 1 ratio.
  • For the total time period between 1:30pm Eastern on Tuesday to 4:00pm on Wednesday, the overall ratio of Obama to Romney photos was 3.26 to 1 (247,893 for Obama to 76,002 for Romney).
  • California had the highest total of any of the states for a half hour block returning 931 photos between 11:30pm and 12:00 midnight eastern.


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Announcing – A Hosted User Avatar Service for your Apps and Sites

When we launched Chute, we were overwhelmed by the number of developers who were looking to implement their own custom avatars on our service. After researching solutions for this problem, it was clear that a lot of time was being spent solving this problem over and over again. We decided to build to help apps and sites get avatars off of their plate as quickly as possible.

Every app needs avatars and we make that hassle-free. Before, developers had to either design their own upload process or rely on profile photos from social sites (which were always changing and constantly breaking). makes uploads a cinch and keeps profile photos in sync without any additional work for the developer. provides developers with components for iOS, Android and Javascript (no server needed). In a couple of minutes, anyone can be accepting custom or social avatars. supports custom uploads, social avatars from Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as well as support for Gravatar, an email-based avatar service. Displaying is even easier, it just requires a specially formatted URL.

Since doing a small developer preview 3 weeks ago, we’ve seen great adoption already. has served more than 5 million avatars already, with an additional 300k served daily. More than 200 developers, mostly mobile, have signed up and starting using the service already and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

A Few Twitter Mentions:

Web MentionsDailyJS, Programmable Web, Dougal Campbell’s geek ramblings, Functionn

Check it out! –

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Distributed teams? Chute co-founder discusses at International Startup Festival

Our co-founder Gregarious Narain spoke at the International Startup Festival in Montreal this week.  His presentation on distributed teams is embedded below.   Check it out!

Learn more here and read about the Festival.    See what you missed in the photo gallery below:

See more photos

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A Sneak Peek at

We’ve been hard at work on a new hosted user avatar service called and we wanted to give developers a sneak peek. will make it easy to add avatars to your apps and sites.  Check out – we hope you like it!


Libraries for iOS, Android, Ruby, Node.js, PHP and Python are available at

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Chute selected for Media Camp!

We’re excited to be one of six companies selected to join Media Camp’s inaugural class. Media Camp is Turner Broadcasting’s accelerator specifically focused on the media space. We are looking forward to working with Turner, the Media Camp team and our classmates!

“The Media Camp crew originally set out to start the program with five media-focused startups. But after reviewing hundreds of applications and based on the quality of those who applied, it decided to let one more company participate than it originally anticipated. According to David Austin, Senior Director of Emerging Technologies at Media Camp, they were chosen mostly because each had a technology that Turner could see wanting to use, or finding a partner who would want to use it.

Interestingly, many of the startups chosen for the Media Camp program had previously participated in other incubators, or had founders that are serial entrepreneurs. Chute is a Y Combinator alum, while Switchcam went through the 500 Startups Accelerator and Showbucks was at the Founders Den.

That will be an advantage for all involved, Austin told me. Rather than spending the first three weeks going over Startups 101, the companies will begin the hard work of building up media relationships early on. And since it’s part of Turner, the Media Camp team will be able to make connections not just within the broadcasting group, but also through other parts of parent company Time Warner.”

Read more on Techcrunch, GigaOM and visit Media Camp to learn more:

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Chute: Announcing Y-Combinator 2012

We’re excited to launch the official Chute blog with some great coverage of our not-so-secret launch.  Chute has been hard at work, both as part of the Y Combinator Winter 2012 class and throughout the prior year, to build the leading mobile and web platform for photos and video.  We’re obviously excited to be part of Y Combinator and to demonstrate the Chute platform and SlideChute, one of our applications, to the public.  We’ll let this TechCrunch piece do some of the talking for us:


Chute, a new Y Combinator startup launching today, doesn’t just want to be another photo sharing or syncing app, it wants to be the service every app developer and content producer uses to manage and enhance their photo capabilities. Chute is an Images-as-a-Service startup or, in other words, a cool API for photos. What does that mean?


Every time a developer or a site owner wants to build photo functionality into their app or website, they’re essentially forced to re-invent the wheel. Mobile developers aren’t always familiar with the ins-and-outs of web development, just as the same can be said for web developers, so Chute has built a system that works for both, handling the entire backend environment for uploading, processing, authenticating, resizing, and serving images.


This means big savings for developers, both in terms of time and money, as they don’t have to worry about managing servers, scaling, or dealing with multiple third-party APIs. Another way to think of Chute says co-founder Ranvir Gujral: “It’s like Twilio for photo infrastructure.”


If, for example, you’re running a popular website and you want all of your users to be able to have profile images, you can sign up for Chute and paste a few lines of code into your application, and that’s it. Users will then be able to upload images to Chute’s servers, where they will be cropped, re-sized, etc. according to your specifications, before being served onto your site.


Obviously, because Chute removes the pain of having to deal with code and servers for image hosting, the service is particularly useful for mobile developers, who, depending on their setup, may be able to cut the cord on servers altogether. What’s more, the startup allows developers to offer user authentication via the traditional username and password method, or to login through Facebook or Twitter, which means that if a developer’s app or service doesn’t already offer user accounts, they don’t have to build that functionality to host user-generated content. Pretty cool.


The value prop also applies to big online publishers, as the startup’s service comes with something called SlideChute included, which is essentially their own user-generated content management system. Because the startup’s service is driven primarily through APIs which work the same for mobile as they do for the Web, publishers are safe in the knowledge that if they start out as a Web property and their users create and upload a bunch of profile images, when they later release a mobile app, all user images are transported seamlessly into the mobile experience.

Read more here:


Check out our sites for more information and don’t hesitate to contact us!


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